An exciting announcement

Attention congoers, sci-fi/fantasy fans, gamers and cosplay enthusiasts:

On the Saturday night of Genghiscon 2018 (and in keeping with the theme of “What shall the geek inherit?”), we will be holding an “End of the World” style costume party. In will involve music, fun, revelry and prizes for the best costumes.

During the day before the party, we will be holding workshops designed to help you design a clothing item or prop that looks like they came straight from the wasteland.

Why are we doing this? We want to engage more fully with the talented cosplayers in our community and also help to inspire and enhance the skills developing cosplayers who may be just starting out.

There won’t be a big formal runway and choreography style fashion show, just friends (that’s you!), music and a lot of fun costumes. We will give prizes away for costumes that are on theme for the end of the world as well as prizes for great cosplay that has nothing to do with the theme at all. The main idea is, after all, fun and community.

We are announcing this ahead of time so that anyone who is keen can get a head-start on their costume now. We are so excited to see what sort of stuff the community comes back with.

A couple of quick rules*:
-Please no costumes depicting distressing figures from current or recent history like (but not limited to) Nazis/Waffen SS, racial hate groups, enforcers for totalitarian regimes, CIA blacksite employees, Trump campaign staffers etc.
-Please also keep any props as props. If your prop sword/gun/blade/nunchucks/warhead/whatever could confuse a police officer in the dark (and potentially spark a regrettable reaction), please leave it at home.
-Please bear in mind that the event will be outside and persons under the age of 18 may be present. Please consider this when exercising judgement about what constitutes an appropriate level of attire (Dress for a convention, not a BDSM party ).

*This basic convention code of conduct stuff, there are no new rules here. If you are unsure, please feel free to reach out to a committee member in private and ask. We want to create an environment that is as safe and fun as possible and promotes a community atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

If you are not a “party person”, or just don’t enjoy the idea of prolonged exposure to bright lights and loud noises, there will be panels running during this event that are designed to cater for a quieter, less stimulating form of fun.

Genghiscon quiznight

Hey hordes,

The Genghiscon quiznight is being held on the third of November at the RAAF association.


The Facebook event is here and you can book tickets at

The next bookclub is being held on November 5 (a Sunday). You can sign up on our patreon: The Facebook event is here.


Hope to see you there!


Hey everyone, thank you so much for the amazing reception so far. Our online ticket sales have been going absolutely gangbusters!
If you are on the fence because you don’t have enough people for a full table, worry not. There are plenty of individual ticket sales, so we will be putting together several “pot-luck” tables. If you have several people with individual tickets who want to sit together, let us know via email or private message and we will accommodate.
If you are bad a pub quizzes, worry notter. This is a geek quiz about geek stuff for geek people. The questions are drawn from many different areas of geek interest and your unique knowledge may be the thing that gets your team to ultimate victory!
Finally, the venue will be serving a buffet dinner for $17 per head and selling supercheap drinks. Turn up around 6pm if you would like to partake in the dinner, and we will be selling tickets at the door from 6.30.

Genghiscon October

Buckle up con-goers, October is going to be a massive month for events!

First of all, the September bookclub will actually be in the first week of October (for scheduling reasons). It will be on Friday October 6 and we will be looking at the legendary “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. We are so excited for this one and can’t wait to talk about it with everyone! The event link is here and as ever, you can sign up on our Patreon here.

Secondly, we have the  joint screening of Thor: Ragnorak with Swancon on Friday the 27th of October. Turn up to Reading cinema in Belmont at around 6pm (time to be confirmed). This movie looks like a lot of fun and will be even more enjoyable with a theatre full of fans from Genghiscon and Swancon. The facebook event is here. Tickets are $13 for Swancon or Genghiscon members or $15 for non-members. Please purchase your tickets before Monday 23rd October here.

Finally, Genghiscon will be cooking up a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Cannington all day on October the 29th. Come down, buy a sausage and support your con!

New Genghiscon events

Hey everyone, we have a few exciting events coming up in the next little while.

Firstly, there is a Swancon/Genghiscon joint screening of “The Dark Tower” tomorrow night.

Time: 6.30pm
Date: Friday 18th August 2017
Where: Reading Cinemas, Belmont
Tickets: $13 for Swancon or Genghiscon members
$15 for non-members

Start time is 6.30pm, please arrive 15 minutes prior to collect tickets. We will confirm the exact session time the Monday before, once the cinema has let us know their schedule. If you do arrive late you can buy your tickets directly from the Candy Bar but online ticket purchases can’t be claimed there.

Event link here.

Secondly, the next Genghiscon bookclub will be on Friday the 25th of August. Facebook event here,  Patreon link to buy tickets here.

Finally, we will be announcing the dates for the famous Genghiscon quiz night soon, so stay tuned!

Genghiscon Book club – June 30

Convention quiet season getting you down? Wanting to get together to talk sci-fi and fantasy with other fans?

If so, we have some great news for you! Genghiscon and White Dwarf Books are partnering to bring you the Science Fiction and Fantasy book club.

The cost is $20 per month, which includes a free copy of next months book. Every month, we will be getting together at White Dwarf books to discuss a classic or significant work of Science Fiction or Fantasy that relates somehow to the theme of Genghiscon 2018 (“the Geek shall inherit”). All proceeds will go towards our new initiative “Fans funding fans”, which is designed to help to make Genghiscon even more accessible.

This month we will be looking at “A brave new world”, by Aldous Huxley (It is out of copyright and available freely, grab a copy in PDF or audio book format here). The meetup is set for 30 June at 6.30PM at White Dwarf books in Perth city (Facebook event: link).

Next months book is Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. If you sign up on Patreon by 14 June we will have a free copy of Dragonflight available for you at the first event.   If you sign up later, we will have a copy for you to pick up from White Dwarf prior to the July catchup. Speaking of White Dwarf, book club members get 10% off on the night! How great is that?

Hope to see you all there.

Fans funding fans

As you may be aware, the mission statement of Genghiscon is to make the most accessible science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention for fans from all walks of life.

We have put a lot of effort into this over the years, with the most affordable membership price of any Perth based weekend long convention (that we are aware of), as well as a range of safe spaces, diversity and accessibility initiatives.  In continuation of this fine tradition, we are very pleased to announce our newest initiative: “Fans funding fans”. You can check it out on Patreon here.

This is not a campaign to fund Genghiscon, the convention has always run from the yearly fundraising programme and memberships. This campaign is designed to facilitate memberships, transport or accommodation for fans who would not otherwise be able to attend.

“Fans funding fans” was inspired by the various convention fan funds (there is a pretty great index here, and “Hackers helping hackers” (, another grass roots convention initiative), to keep science fiction, fantasy and gaming events accessible to all fans.

Panel suggestion and feedback reminder

Hey Hordes!

Got a great idea for a panel? Got a cool workshop you want to run? The suggestions form is available here:

Got something to say about last con? We have had some great feedback already and are incorporating it to make next years convention even better.

We still have a free membership up for grabs for one person who fills out the feedback form. Access it here:

Membership signups

Greetings Hordes!

We now have two ways for you to sign up for GenghisCon 2018!

  1. You can fill out this form and send it to or
  2. You can visit this link and do it online!

Both methods include ways to book accommodation and order t-shirts as well.


Feedback and suggestions

Hey hordes!

Do you have feedback from this years convention? Do you have programme suggestions for next year? Do you want to win a GenghisCon membership?

Good news!

We have put up a feedback form on google docs for you to provide your input for the benefit of the 2018 committee. One lucky person who fills out this feedback will win a free membership! Access it here:

We also have a form for programme suggestions and submissions, available here:


Date announcement, memberships on sale!

Greetings hordes!

We are pleased to announce that we have the dates locked in for Genghiscon 2018; the weekend of 19-21 January.

The first memberships and room bookings will be on sale in the Swancon traders hall Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of April. If you are at Swancon, why not come and say hi to your 2018 committee?

Online membershipsales and room bookings will open up soon.

Our 2018 full membership will remain at the low price of $25 for the whole weekend. For the first time, we are also offering a special deluxe package membership which also comes with a Genghiscon t-shirt, pizza and other exciting goodies for only $50.

Keep checking back regularly, your committee has more exciting things to share with you over the coming weeks.