Genghiscon quiznight

Hey hordes,

The Genghiscon quiznight is being held on the third of November at the RAAF association.


The Facebook event is here and you can book tickets at

The next bookclub is being held on November 5 (a Sunday). You can sign up on our patreon: The Facebook event is here.


Hope to see you there!


Hey everyone, thank you so much for the amazing reception so far. Our online ticket sales have been going absolutely gangbusters!
If you are on the fence because you don’t have enough people for a full table, worry not. There are plenty of individual ticket sales, so we will be putting together several “pot-luck” tables. If you have several people with individual tickets who want to sit together, let us know via email or private message and we will accommodate.
If you are bad a pub quizzes, worry notter. This is a geek quiz about geek stuff for geek people. The questions are drawn from many different areas of geek interest and your unique knowledge may be the thing that gets your team to ultimate victory!
Finally, the venue will be serving a buffet dinner for $17 per head and selling supercheap drinks. Turn up around 6pm if you would like to partake in the dinner, and we will be selling tickets at the door from 6.30.

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