An exciting announcement

Attention congoers, sci-fi/fantasy fans, gamers and cosplay enthusiasts:

On the Saturday night of Genghiscon 2018 (and in keeping with the theme of “What shall the geek inherit?”), we will be holding an “End of the World” style costume party. In will involve music, fun, revelry and prizes for the best costumes.

During the day before the party, we will be holding workshops designed to help you design a clothing item or prop that looks like they came straight from the wasteland.

Why are we doing this? We want to engage more fully with the talented cosplayers in our community and also help to inspire and enhance the skills developing cosplayers who may be just starting out.

There won’t be a big formal runway and choreography style fashion show, just friends (that’s you!), music and a lot of fun costumes. We will give prizes away for costumes that are on theme for the end of the world as well as prizes for great cosplay that has nothing to do with the theme at all. The main idea is, after all, fun and community.

We are announcing this ahead of time so that anyone who is keen can get a head-start on their costume now. We are so excited to see what sort of stuff the community comes back with.

A couple of quick rules*:
-Please no costumes depicting distressing figures from current or recent history like (but not limited to) Nazis/Waffen SS, racial hate groups, enforcers for totalitarian regimes, CIA blacksite employees, Trump campaign staffers etc.
-Please also keep any props as props. If your prop sword/gun/blade/nunchucks/warhead/whatever could confuse a police officer in the dark (and potentially spark a regrettable reaction), please leave it at home.
-Please bear in mind that the event will be outside and persons under the age of 18 may be present. Please consider this when exercising judgement about what constitutes an appropriate level of attire (Dress for a convention, not a BDSM party ).

*This basic convention code of conduct stuff, there are no new rules here. If you are unsure, please feel free to reach out to a committee member in private and ask. We want to create an environment that is as safe and fun as possible and promotes a community atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

If you are not a “party person”, or just don’t enjoy the idea of prolonged exposure to bright lights and loud noises, there will be panels running during this event that are designed to cater for a quieter, less stimulating form of fun.