Fans Funding Fans -Update-

Fans Funding Fans Announcement!

As you might remember from our blog back in June, GenghisCon has been raising money for an initiative called “Fans Funding Fans” (the link is here)

“Fans funding fans” was inspired by the various convention fan funds (there is a pretty great index here, and “Hackers Helping Hackers” (, another grass roots convention initiative), to keep science fiction, fantasy and gaming events accessible to all fans.

We are now accepting nominations for the recipients of around ten Full Weekend memberships and/or transport assistance for any person who may not otherwise be able to make it to the convention this year. We are doing this because Accessibility and Equity are at the core of everything the convention stands for and we want to do everything we can to get the whole community there (or as much of it as we can).

Nominate here:

All nominations are strictly confidential.

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